The 20 Best iPhone and iPod touch Applications & The Best iPhone Apps Of 2009 (Appvee Edition)

The 20 Best iPhone and iPod touch Applications Today I'm taking a look at my 20 favorite (that's right, 20) third-party iPhone and iPod touch apps

12 Must-Own Games for iPhone or iPod Touch Apple gaming has come a long way in a short time, and estimates suggest there are over 13,000 games on the App Store. Here are 12 of the best iPhone/iPod touch games so far, with direct links to the Store should a game take your fancy.  

The Best iPhone Apps Of 2009 (Appvee Edition)
TechCrunch:  Some of these apps stand out much more than others do, so we’ve tried to hone in on the cream of the crop.

Most Popular Free iPhone Apps (and Posts) of 2009

The iPhone is the most popular cellphone in the country, and with good reason. Despite occasionally awful choices by Apple, it still has the most—and best—applications around. Here are the most popular free iPhone apps (and posts) of 2009  Contineu reading here

Amazon Kindle Comes to iPhone in Over 60 Countries

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Ratings Scandal Kills More than 1000 iPhone Apps & Two More Operators Put IPhone on Sale in Singapore

Manly Droid Strikes Back: New Ads Dismiss iPhone
Two More Operators Put IPhone on Sale in Singapore
Ratings Scandal Kills More than 1000 iPhone Apps

Bringing Big Smiles to iPhone Shutterbugs

From the NY Times :   “It really opens your eyes creatively when you have to take a photo with something with such limited functionality,” said Chase Jarvis, a commercial photographer based in Seattle who has been smitten by the iPhone’s camera. “The beauty is in its simplicity. There are no lights or other equipment.”

But you can add creative control and functionality with camera tools from the Apple App Store. Like the iPhone itself, iPhone camera apps are snap-simple to use, according to Mr. Jarvis, who has developed his own app (more on that later), published an iPhone photo book and started an online community for iPhone photo enthusiasts.

Apps for the iPhone: A Traveler’s Companion, Pocket Size

from the NY Times Apps offering services like audio tours, cheap international calls and the wait time for Disney rides are becoming an integral part of travel.  Continue reading here

Bringing Big Smiles to iPhone Shutterbugs

NY Times A look at 15 of the roughly 2,000 camera apps that can help you capture, edit, enhance and share your images.  Continue reading here

From Pocket to Stage, Music in the Key of iPhone & The iPhone isn't the only phone with smarts

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iPhone app lets users search video game ratings

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iPhone app lets users search video game ratings

Fring Puts Video Calls on Your iPhone

iPhone only: Previously mentioned mobile VoIP and chat application Fring has updated their iPhone app with support for streaming video calls. It's a great feature, but it does have a catch. (Use it at home or where ever there is a wi-fi signal, just install a wi-fi router)

If you're unfamiliar with Fring, it's a messaging application that integrates with everything from Skype and Google Talk to Facebook and AIM. For most, the VoIP feature comes via Skype. With the new update, iPhone and iPod touch users with a Wi-Fi connection can make and receive video calls via Fring or Skype and watch your contact from your phone. Unfortunately the video chat is only a one-way video thing for now, meaning either you can watch your friend talk or your friend can watch you talk. This is, of course, a limitation of the iPhone and its non-front-facing camera. The folks at Fring assure us that two-way video calls will be available as soon as the iPhone gets a front-facing camera.

Two-way video or not, it's great to see a first step in this direction for the iPhone. Video calling may not be an everyday sort of event (I do plenty of things while I'm on the phone that the person I'm talking to doesn't need or want to see), but it's certainly got its place, and it'll be nice to take video chat out of our computer monitors.

Fring [iTunes App Store via Fring Blog]

Fring is a free download.

Diagnose and Protect Your iPhone from Worms & Xbox LIVE iPhone App Lets You Message on the Go


iPhone's debut in South Korea means paradigm shift-- experts & Apple's iPhone arrives to rousing welcome in tech-savvy South Korea

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Black Friday iPhone apps deals

Black Friday iPhone apps deals in USA

Travelers Apps for the iPhone & Worm turns iPhones into bots

iPhone Owners Gobble Up Online Media

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iPhone Owners Gobble Up Online Media

Apps for the iPhone: A Traveler’s Companion, Pocket Size

Apps for the iPhone: A Traveler’s Companion, Pocket Size   Copy and paste the link to read the complete article

Worm turns iPhones into bots

Apps for the iPhone: A Traveler’s Companion, Pocket Size

From the NY Times IT’S a quarter to five in the morning, and I have a plane to catch in two hours. But why rush out the door if my flight is already delayed? To check its status, I turn to my iPhone, tap on an application called FlightTrack and pull up my flight. It’s on time. Better get out of bed. At the airport, I check for Wi-Fi and update all my newspaper apps (NYTimes, WSJ, USA Today and so on) so I have something to read onboard. And when I arrive at my destination, I use the iPhone to pull up the Yelp app, and its built-in mapping feature, to find the most highly user-rated bars and restaurants. 
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'Jail broken' iPhones hacked by new virus

'Jail broken' iPhones hacked by new virus 
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LaDiDa Brings Reverse Karaoke to Your iPhone

LaDiDa Brings Reverse Karaoke to Your iPhone  click to read the details

The iPhone Triumphs Over All, Apple Beats Nokia for the First Time, Apple tops phone chart as Nokia, Samsung step up

The world's two largest cellphone makers, Nokia and Samsung Electronics, unveiled on Tuesday their latest rivals to the iPhone as Apple became the top profit generator in the handset industry.

Apple Inc overtook Nokia in the September quarter as the cellphone maker generating the highest total operating profit in the industry, research firm Strategy Analytics said.

Nokia said on Tuesday it had started deliveries of its top- of-the-range N900, while Samsung Electronics Co Ltd announced it would launch its own open mobile platform, bada, in December as it tries to make up for a late start in the smartphone market.

Nokia and Samsung together sell around 60 percent of all cellphones globally, but they have lost some ground to Apple and Research In Motion Ltd, maker of the Blackberry.

"Samsung's announcement of bada shows it has also identified the same requirement. The big question is, does the mobile phone world need yet another operating system?"

While Nokia has lost ground in the smartphone business, it is still the world's largest smartphone maker by volume. Samsung's volumes are well behind Apple, RIM and HTC Corp.
But measured by profits, Nokia lost in the third quarter against Apple, which entered the cellphone market only in mid-2007.

"With strong volumes, high wholesale prices and tight cost controls, the PC vendor has successfully broken into the mobile phone market in just two years," said Alex Spektor, an analyst at Strategy Analytics.

Apple sold 7.4 million iPhones during the July-September quarter, generating sales of $4.5 billion. Nokia sold 108.5 million phones in total in the same quarter, generating sales of 6.9 billion euros ($10.36 billion), but its profits were hurt by the economic downturn.
Worries over smartphone boom

Global sales of mobile handsets will snap a four-quarter losing streak in the last three months of the year as the industry is buoyed by economic recovery, a Reuters poll of analysts showed on Tuesday.

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Apple Surpasses Nokia as Top Cellphone Maker by Profits

The iPhone Triumphs Over All, Apple Beats Nokia for the First Time

Apple's iPhone Triumphs Over All Handsets

The iPhone Triumphs Over All, Apple Beats Nokia for the First Time, Apple Surpasses Nokia as Top Cellphone Maker by Profits, Nokia and Samsung Electronics, unveiled on Tuesday their latest rivals to the iPhone, iphone, 

New iPhone Worm: How Worried Should We Be?

Numerous reports have surfaced over the weekend regarding the first iPhone worm spotted in the wild. The worm, known as iKee, only affects modified handsets also known as "jailbroken" devices. These devices have been hacked by their owners to allow for the installation of unapproved, third-party programs that aren't allowed in the iTunes App Store.

Currently, the worm doesn't appear to be all that malicious - it simply changes the phone's background image to a photo of singer Rick Astley, the man whose song "Never Gonna Give You Up" has become a well-known internet meme called "rickrolling," a joke where users are tricked into clicking links that redirect them to Astley's YouTube video.

Despite the relatively innocuous nature of this particular attack, it may be the precursor to future attacks of a more malicious nature. But how dangerous will these attacks be to the iPhone-owning population as a whole? Is there really a need for concern?

About the iKee Worm
According to the hacker, 21-year-old Ashley Towns, a student living in New South Wales, Australia, iKee was created to highlight the iPhone's poor security. Apparently unrepentant about his creation, Towns has made no attempt to hide his identity, posting on internet forums and on his Twitter page about his hack. He even cheekily tweets a response to a post on security firm's Sophos blog where the writer had sought out the hacker's identity via Google searches: "You know man if you wanted my number you could have asked." And he wasn't kidding - Towns has been happily responding to media requests via his Twitter account. For example, he told ABC News that he had personally infected 100 iPhones with the worm. From those phones, he explained, the worm will then try to spread to other devices.

Perhaps the reason for his transparency has to do with the relatively harmless nature of the attack. The worm just changes the iPhone wallpaper on the affected devices. However, as the Sophos' post points out, "accessing someone else's computing device and changing their data without permission is an offence in many countries."
While that may be true, it's clear that Towns feels as if he's almost doing a public service by exposing a security vulnerability that many jailbroken iPhones face.

More Hacks Expected?
While this particular worm appears to be localized to Australia, it could have spread to other countries and eventually, worldwide. It also comes directly on the heels of another similar attack on jailbroken devices. Only last week, a Dutch hacker broke into jailbroken iPhones and then displayed a message on the comprised devices demanding a ransom of 5 Euros. This attack was also made possible through the same vulnerability that the iKee worm uses.

Graham Cluley of Sophos predicts that other hackers will be tempted to write their own code now that they've seen what's possible. In addition, some hackers may be more malicious with their creations than what we've seen so far.

But Who is Really Being Affected?
However, even if the attacks escalate, the fact of the matter is that the potential victims are a minor subset of Apple iPhone users. To begin with, they're relatively tech-savvy to have managed to jailbreak their phones to begin with - a process which involves using downloadable software tools that unlock Apple's control mechanisms on the device. While not overly complex, most mainstream iPhone users won't bother to take this action, content with the iTunes App Store and its 100,000 or so available applications.

And then there is the fact that the attacks don't even affect all jailbroken iPhone owners - they only affect those who have also installed a program called SSH on their devices. The program allows users to access the iPhone's filesystem with the username of "root" and password of "alpine." Since few SSH users had bothered to change this root password, that left their phones open to attack.

Still, how many people are we talking about here? And what sort of iPhone user are they? Although exact numbers of jailbreakers are unknown, mobile analytics firm Pinch Media recently revealed data showing there are at least 4 million of these jailbroken devices in the iPhone ecosystem. It's not known how many of these users have also installed SSH.

For the most part, it's likely that those who have done so are knowledgeable enough to prevent future attacks on their devices even if they had become a victim of one of these recent hacks. At the very least, they're now aware of the issue and can follow the straightforward instructions available on the web that explain how to change the root password so it's no longer the default.

More Dangerous than the iPhone Worm: Dishonest Developers
Despite all the media hoopla over this "first iPhone worm," it's not something that most iPhone owners will have to worry about. What's more concerning are the claims that a supposedly legitimate iPhone development firm has been collecting personally identifiable information from the users of its App Store-approved iPhone games which have been installed over 20 million times. According to a suit filed in the U.S. District Court in Northern California, the firm, Storm8, has been using a a backdoor method which allowed them to collect the phone numbers of anyone who had installed their applications. This wouldn't be the first time that an iPhone developer has done this, either. Apple actually provides an easy way for developers to tap into this information, if they so desire.
If anything, this is the real threat that the media should be focused on, not the iPhone worm.  Read the complete original article here

Top 20 iPhone Apps for Busy Attorneys

There are many good iPhone Apps out there – maybe so many that you're overwhelmed and unsure where to start looking at them.  If that applies to you, consider the following list of "Top 20 iPhone Apps for Busy Attorneys" as a starting point and see if any of these will be helpful to you:

  1. CardLasso:: This program lets you take a photo of any business card with the iPhone camera, scan the info on the card, and automatically convert it into pertinent data, such as contact information. For lawyers on the go, this can be the ultimate time-saver.
  2. DocScanner :: If you need to scan on the go, this legal-friendly app is for you. It lets you take a photo of any document with your iPhone camera and automatically convert it to a PDF document.
  3. SmartTime Schedule Organizer :: This app is an organizer with the edge you need. Using advanced logic, this program schedules times for meetings and tasks, combines your various task and appointments into a single view, and re-organizes everything on the fly, as needed.
  4. Conference Call :: This app lets you schedule your legal conference calls with the click of a button. Your iPhone, in turn, will automatically call your contacts and connect them to the conference call.
  5. Take Me Back to the Office! :: This simple program lets you program in a location (such as your law office), and this program will give you directions back there, no matter where your work has taken you.
  6. Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) :: This easy-to-use mobile office suite lets you keep track of spreadsheets and text files, as well as sync up to Google Docs to take the law wherever you go.
  7. Remote Desktop Lite :: The only problem of being on the go is, of course, not having access to your Desktop PC. This app lets you access your XP professional PC, meaning all of your important documents are just a click away.
  8. PDF Reader Pro :: This short and simple program lets you read your PDF documents on the go. With easy document management, wi-fi synchronization and a cool landscape view, this has all your PDF needs.

  1. SpeedMailer :: If you often have to send out similar e-mails, this is the ideal program for you. It lets you record the address, subject, and content of e-mails before you send them, and then lets you easily choose from a list of contacts who the e-mails will be sent to.
  2. QuickVoice Recorder w/ Free Voicemail :: Busy lawyers don’t have time to fiddle with a million portable devices. That’s why you use nFinity, which turns your iPhone into a free voice recorder.
  3. AT&T Virtual Receptionist :: This program lets you instantly set up a professional phone service for your legal business. That means a free toll-free number, a professional auto-greeting, and 60 toll-free minutes each month.
  4. WorkMate :: If you’ve got to deal with problems at work, you need this program ASAP. It provides instant access to the ACAS code of practice, as well as ACAS guidance on disciplinary procedures and grievance procedures, minimizing your legal risks.
  5. Wallet Pro (password manager) :: Another great legal-friendly app, this program stores all of the passwords that you need. With military-grade encryption, this app will keep you safe.
  6. BizExpense :: This program is, in short, expense reports made easy. Your legal expenses can be thoroughly documented with images, e-mail, currency conversion, and password protection.
  7. Mocha VCN Lite :: Providing access to a VCN server, this app lets you access the files on your PC or Mac. With this app, you’ll have your own legal counsel wherever you go.
  8. Folders - Private File Storage and Viewing :: This app lets you add all the files and folders from your computer or the web to your iPhone. You can even hide folders, making sure your documents stay safe and secure.
  9. Timewerks-Lite :: This app lets you keep track of time spent on projects, as well as invoices. Great for lawyers, this app lets you add clients, uses a built-in stopwatch for timekeeping, calculate sales tax and, of course, create invoices.
  10. Right Signature :: This program has one great purpose: letting you sign contracts, proposals, and NDS from your iPhone. You can even integrate your photo with your signature, ensuring authenticity.
  11. Business E-Mail :: This app replaces the onboard e-mail of the iPhone with a slick interface that has a landscape keyboard, spellchecker, and other great features to speed your e-mail up dramatically.
  12. File Sender - Send Files via SMTP :: If you have a MobileMe account, this program’s for you. It lets you send and receive files, and organize them in creative ways, such as saving groups of files you’ve sent so you can send them to others (or yourself) in the future.

Source: "Top 20 iPhone Apps for Busy Attorneys by Kat Sanders, published at the Court Reporter Schools blog.

applicaton for iphone, top 20 iphone applications apps for busy attorneys

Top 10 (Must Have) iPhone Apps for Bloggers

The folks at have put together a list of Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps for Bloggers.
1.  WordPress for iPhone
2.  Shape Writer
3.  Twitterific
4.  EverNote
5.  Jott for iPhone
6.  Byline
7.  Omnifocus
8.  Fring for iPhone
9.  Pixel Pipe
10.  Air Sharing

For more info, check out the link below…It has detail on these programs and graphics as well

applicaton for iphone, top 10 must have iphone apps applications for bloggers,

100 free iPhone games.

1. iPhone 501 Darts
iPhone 501 Darts. Another great game from MyNuMo. Pub style darts.
2. iPhone Add It Up
iPhone Add It Up. Numbers iPhone game. Choose the numbers that sum to the target number on the right.
3. iPhone Aha!
iPhone Aha!. Bejeweled style game, you have to match colors.
4. iPhone All Lights
iPhone All Lights. Turn on all lights to reveal the picture.
5. iPhone Ane Rouge
iPhone Ane Rouge. Ane Rouge board game on your iPhone
6. iPhone Assassin
iPhone Assassin. This is a crazy online/real life game. You hunt down other iPhone users on the street and make them register.
7. iPhone Avalanche
iPhone Avalanche. Fun brick game.
8. iPhone Baffle
iPhone Baffle. On every row, column or diagonal you must have only one piece of each color and shape.
9. iPhone Bandito Loves Kitty
iPhone Bandito Loves Kitty. Sadic humour game
10. iPhone Battlefleet
iPhone Battlefleet. The old classic Battlefleet game now available on your iPhone
11. iPhone Battleship
iPhone Battleship. Online 2 player version of battleship. You can create a private game with a friend or join a public one.
12. iPhone Bejeweled
iPhone Bejeweled. The mother of all colapse bricks games.
13. iPhone Best Blackjack
iPhone Best Blackjack. That’s the name not a review. Another Blackjack game for the iPhone.
14. iPhone Blackjack
iPhone Blackjack. Classic Blackjack game.
15. iPhone Breakdown
iPhone Breakdown. Popular 3D Breakdown game adapted for the iPhone
16. iPhone Brick Shooter
iPhone Brick Shooter. Shoot as many bricks as you can.
17. iPhone Bubble Trouble
iPhone Bubble Trouble. Bejeweled style game, connect three or more pieces of the same color.
18. iPhone Carmadillo
iPhone Carmadillo. ‘Frogger’ style game but with an unfortunate armadillo that has a hard time crossing the road.
19. iPhone Checkrz
iPhone Checkrz. Classic game of checkers adapted for the iPhone
20. iPhone Chess
iPhone Chess. Chess, most popular board game of all time.
21. iPhone Chess
iPhone Chess. Cellufun’s version of chess
22. iPhone Chess Clock
iPhone Chess Clock. Not exactly a game, but sure it can come handy when blending technology with tradition.
23. iPhone Chicken And Eggs
iPhone Chicken And Eggs. Another fun iPhone game from MacMost. Catch all the egs befor they smash to the ground.
24. iPhone Collapsing Blocks
iPhone Collapsing Blocks. Collapsing blocks puzzle game.
25. iPhone Corridor
iPhone Corridor. 3D game controlled by the landscape/portrait rotation of the iPhone.
26. iPhone Deduction
iPhone Deduction. Logic game similar to Mastermind.
27. iPhone Demolition
iPhone Demolition. Colapse 3 bricks of the same color grouped together untill u clear the board.
28. iPhone Dice Roller 
iPhone Dice Roller . Roll various type of dices for Dungeons & Dragons.
29. iPhone Dragon Fury
iPhone Dragon Fury. Dragon fighting game.
30. iPhone Duck Hunt
iPhone Duck Hunt. This is our favorite iPhone game. Poor ducks don’t have a chance.
31. iPhone Evil Smileys
iPhone Evil Smileys. If this “shooting” game doesn’t make you dizzy, nothing will!
32. iPhone FanClub Blackjack
iPhone FanClub Blackjack. Blackjack game with an Apple logo deck. A nice touch is the landscape mode that provides more space.
33. iPhone Find the Flickr
iPhone Find the Flickr. Simple image tagging game that takes the pictures from Flickr.
34. iPhone Fortune 2.0
iPhone Fortune 2.0. Random funny fortunes. You can add your own for others to see.
35. iPhone Fortune Cookie
iPhone Fortune Cookie. You crumble a cookie by rotating your iPhone, to get your fortune.
36. iPhone Gems
iPhone Gems. Bejeweled style game
37. iPhone Golf Score Card
iPhone Golf Score Card. Golf score utility
38. iPhone Haiku
iPhone Haiku. Submit your haiku or read others.
39. iPhone Helmet Attak
iPhone Helmet Attak. Fun “shooting” game. You have to wipe the heltmes from your field.
40. iPhone High or Low
iPhone High or Low. Simple card game. Bet if the next card will be higher or lower than the one on the table.
41. iPhone Horse Racing
iPhone Horse Racing. One of the best designed game in our top. Also one of the few horizontal ones. Simulates bets on horse racings.
42. iPhone iBrick
iPhone iBrick. Tetris game with nice tap control of the pieces.
43. iPhone iFifteen
iPhone iFifteen. 15 tiles game, funny thing is that it does not scramble the tiles for you.
44. iPhone ION Bowling
iPhone ION Bowling. Been designed specifically for the iPhone with great graphics and a simple ‘tap-anywhere’ interface
45. iPhone ION Golf
iPhone ION Golf. NyNuMo’s golf game. Practice that swing!
46. iPhone iPhone MetaSquares
iPhone iPhone MetaSquares. Classic board games, you have to form squares, using your pieces.
47. iPhone iPipes
iPhone iPipes. Popular pipe puzzle game, great for DIY enthusiasts.
48. iPhone iTiles
iPhone iTiles. Memory game, you uncover tiles to match similar items.
49. iPhone iTouch
iPhone iTouch. Target practice game. Point the target with your finger on the touchscreen.
50. iPhone iWhack
iPhone iWhack. Classic game with a new touch: you get to whack Steve Balmer.
51. iPhone Jigsaw Puzzle
iPhone Jigsaw Puzzle. Classic jigsaw puzzle game in which you move pieces to complete a picture.
52. iPhone Knight and Squire 
iPhone Knight and Squire . Find treasure and kill the dragon.
53. iPhone Knock Out
iPhone Knock Out. Tap the screen to punch the opponent or to dodge his hits.
54. iPhone Lumina Game
iPhone Lumina Game. Memory game. You must press the colored squares in the right order.
55. iPhone Magic iEightBall
iPhone Magic iEightBall. Fortune cookie style game, ask a question, rotate the iPhone a few times and the ball will reveal the answer.
56. iPhone Marble Jumper
iPhone Marble Jumper. Remove as many marbles you can.
57. iPhone Mastermind
iPhone Mastermind. Puzzle game in which you have to guess a code of for colors selected by the computer from 6 colored balls.
58. iPhone Mastermind
iPhone Mastermind. Guess the color combination. Has a nice iPhone style interface.
59. iPhone Mastermind
iPhone Mastermind. Another Mastermind, this one from iSmileys
60. iPhone Match Three
iPhone Match Three. Swap and match 3 identical items on each row or column.
61. iPhone Maze
iPhone Maze. Find your way through random mazes.
62. iPhone Minesweeper
iPhone Minesweeper. Puzzle game the goal is to mark all mines using the clues.
63. iPhone Minesweeper
iPhone Minesweeper. Minesweeper game with the look and feel of the original version.
64. iPhone Missle Command
iPhone Missle Command. Arcade game in which you command a missle base and have to destroy bombs falling on you.
65. iPhone Mobile Pet My Phone
iPhone Mobile Pet My Phone. A virtual pet game where the pet it’s actually a phone
66. iPhone MyNuMo Blackjack 
iPhone MyNuMo Blackjack . Classic Blackjack game that takes full advantage of iPhone’s touch screen.
67. iPhone News Match
iPhone News Match. The combo between a news site and an iPhone game. Match the pictures with the news.
68. iPhone Orion’s Belt
iPhone Orion’s Belt. Customize your ship to create the ultimate fighting machine
69. iPhone Othello
iPhone Othello. Classic Reversi style game also related to GO.
70. iPhone Pairs
iPhone Pairs. Simple puzzle game that uses pictures from Flickr.
71. iPhone Pet Monkey
iPhone Pet Monkey. Cellufun’s mobile pet – Pet Monkey
72. iPhone Pigs A Pop’n
iPhone Pigs A Pop’n. Puzzle game from MyNuMo. You have to feed the pigs. That should be fun!
73. iPhone Pirate Shooter
iPhone Pirate Shooter. Remake of the classic arcade game “Space Invaders”.
74. iPhone Poker
iPhone Poker. Casino slot machine style poker.
75. iPhone Pool
iPhone Pool. Make splashes in the pool, you can see other users splashing and they can see you.
76. iPhone Puzzler
iPhone Puzzler. Color conecting puzle, colapse 2 or more conecting pieces.
77. iPhone Pyramid Solitaire
iPhone Pyramid Solitaire. Solitaire with a twist. This is not the regular klondike solitaire, it’s alot more fun and challenging.
78. iPhone Qix
iPhone Qix. The goal is to cover as much of the field you can.
79. iPhone Quad Words
iPhone Quad Words. Arrange four connected words by rotating sets of three letters
80. iPhone Quiz
iPhone Quiz. Quizes from adapted on a special interface for the iPhone
81. iPhone Quizzler Pro
iPhone Quizzler Pro. You can create or run quizzes.
82. iPhone Reversi
iPhone Reversi. The goal is to sorround your enemy with your pieces.
83. iPhone Reversi
iPhone Reversi. Classic game of Reversi, aka Othello, related to ancient GO.
84. iPhone Scenario Poker
iPhone Scenario Poker. Texas hold’em poker game.
85. iPhone Scrabble
iPhone Scrabble. Scrabble game in which you have to discover words from the available letters in a short time.
86. iPhone Seinfeld Quiz
iPhone Seinfeld Quiz. Quiz game for Seinfeld fans. More than 100 questions.
87. iPhone Shredder Chess
iPhone Shredder Chess. Good ol’ chess. Never gets old.
88. iPhone Sliding Puzzle
iPhone Sliding Puzzle. Another classic puzzle in which you slide picture pieces around to complete the image.
89. iPhone Smash
iPhone Smash. Dinamic arcade game, fun to play. It’s the classic Breakout adapted for the iPhone.
90. iPhone Sokoban
iPhone Sokoban. You have to push all the pieces on a docking area.
91. iPhone Sokoban
iPhone Sokoban. Push all boxes to a docking area.
92. iPhone Solitaire
iPhone Solitaire. Classic solitaire card game.
93. iPhone Solitaire
iPhone Solitaire. The old everlasting Solitaire game.
94. iPhone Solitaire
iPhone Solitaire. Another take on the everlasting Solitaire card game.
95. iPhone Solitaire Utopia
iPhone Solitaire Utopia. Another version of solitaire. Choose the one that suits you most.
96. iPhone Space Wars
iPhone Space Wars. Multyplayer game in which up to 120 players fight over the galaxy.
97. iPhone Spry Poker
iPhone Spry Poker. Video game style Poker.
98. iPhone Stitch Words
iPhone Stitch Words. Combine words from 12 pieces.
99. iPhone Stomp’em
iPhone Stomp’em. Press a white box to STOMP on a flower.
100. iPhone Subsume
iPhone Subsume. Traditional 2 player boardgame that can be played online with other iPhone users.
101. iPhone Sudoku
iPhone Sudoku. Number game. goal is to fill each square, row and line with all numbers from 1 to 9.
102. iPhone Sudoku
iPhone Sudoku. Sudoku game, nice interface, alot of different puzzles
103. iPhone Sudoku
iPhone Sudoku. Another adaptation for the iPhone of the classic Sudoku.
104. iPhone Sudoku
iPhone Sudoku. Yes, it’s another take on the iPhone sudoku. So you have plenty of them to chose from.
105. iPhone Sudoku
iPhone Sudoku. Cellufun’s version of Sudoku
106. iPhone Sudoku Shootout
iPhone Sudoku Shootout. A chalenging player vs player game of Sudoku. Can be played both from the iPhone or from any other browser.
107. iPhone Sunset
iPhone Sunset. JavaScript 3D RPG. The 3D graphic is limited by the web format but it is an enjoiable iPhone game.
108. iPhone Super Dog
iPhone Super Dog. What can we say. Cute!
109. iPhone Supercars
iPhone Supercars. Our first iPhone game. It’s a simple memory game, you have to match car brands.
110. iPhone Tetris
iPhone Tetris. Tetris. What more can we say.
111. iPhone Think Ahead
iPhone Think Ahead. Play this numbers game against your iPhone
112. iPhone Thumb Scan
iPhone Thumb Scan. Funny results, and NO it does not really scans your fingerprint.
113. iPhone Tic Tac Toe
iPhone Tic Tac Toe. If you need a description for this game, this is not the place to get it.
114. iPhone Tiger Tile
iPhone Tiger Tile. Simple tile game, you need to reconstruct the picture of a tiger.
115. iPhone Tile
iPhone Tile. Simple tile game in which you reconstruct pictures by moving the tiles around.
116. iPhone Tilt
iPhone Tilt. Motion controled arcade game
117. iPhone Video Poker
iPhone Video Poker. Video poker game.
118. iPhone Vidifone Poker
iPhone Vidifone Poker. Video Poker on the rules of the classic Jack or Better.
119. iPhone Virtual Pets
iPhone Virtual Pets. 9 virtual pets to chose from
120. iPhone Word Breaker
iPhone Word Breaker. Guess computer’s word before it guesses yours.
121. iPhone Word Rotation
iPhone Word Rotation. You have to put together words by rotating sets of three letters.
122. iPhone Word Search
iPhone Word Search. Find words in this classic puzzle.
123. iPhone Word Spell
iPhone Word Spell. Goal is to arrange the letters to form words.